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Well Being.

“To become a warm and a respectable business 

spreading message of Well being and Healthy life.”


Japanese Izakaya Grill Sake Cocktail

This place will not just a restaurant or a bar.

I hope This is a place where eating and drinking takes equal parts.

But it is more than this.

It will a meeting place, somewhere to bond and forget the worries of the day.

This place would be the destination Izakaya for Japanophiles.

Those Japan-obsessed people who want to get inside the izakaya culture and experience it in an immersive way.

“My passion is to inspire, engage and bring guests together as they graze

through our menu learning the delights and significance of sake in Japanese dining culture.”


Melbourne, Australia

85A Little Malop st Geelong VIC 3220

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Melbourne, Australia ㅣ 85A little malop st geelong vic 3220

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